From April to September

Boat Fishing Experience in Hokkaido 2024


Let’s go to fishing to the beautiful sea of Hokkaido.  The fishing spots are easy access from Sapporo. You can enjoy a good time on the luxury boat with a safety cabin and a pro-fishing instructor. How about making good memories with us?


Dedicated fishing boat, fishing equipment, fishing bait, fishing guide, accident insurance.

2 places

There are 2 places for fishing.

Minimum 2 people

Minimum 2 people,
Maximum 5~6 people.

Runs Every Day

Our cruise is available every day.Please feel free to contact with us.

With Pro Guide

Even if you are a biginner, you don’t need to worry about that. Pro-Guide prepares everything. You don’t like to touch a fish and baits?  We can do it for you.


With Equipments

We provide all fishing equipments.

Catch and Eat

You only need to pay an additional ¥3,850 to enjoy the fish you caught today in a Japanese restaurant.  (Otaru cruise only)

Where do I fish?

fishing map2

2 areas for fishing

There are two popula areas for fishing of Hokkaido. The first one is in sea of Otaru (小樽). You can fishing mostly a Flounder. The second one is in sea of Shakotan (積丹). You can fishing a lots of type of fishes.


  • 50 min away from Sapporo
  • 3h 00min (available from 12pm)


  • 1.5 hours away from Sapporo
  • 4 hours (available from 12pm)

*Prices is per one person.    *Payment in cash only on that day.

        *Some part of words in this page are Japanese only, if you have any questions just feel free to contact with us with following [Inquire Form] or e-mail.

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