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Our company is based on Blue Tourism of Hokkaido. Hokkaido has the richest sea and the most delicious fishes in Japan. We have been creating blue tourism in that wonderful island. 
And for 40 years we have been involved in Tourism of Hokkaido. We know all places in  Hokkaido in any seasons. We can make you satisfied with our 40-year-experience.
Please choose us for your trip in Hokkaido. We will 



from Taxi to Big Bus

Create your
Original Tour


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Our Mission is providing you quality experience

Our mission is to provide you high quality experience for you. Our experience can make it come true. We can suggest you anything you want and it will be better than you imagine, the suitable itinerary, the hidden places to visit, cozy and nice restaurants and beautiful spots.
Please let us lead you wonderful experience what you want. 

Create Blue Tourism

We are No.1 company in hte Blue Tourism of Hokkaido. For 20 years we have been creating a Fishing Tour, Ice lake fishing and other experience about the sea to our customers as professional team. Let us create a wonderful time for your trip.

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