Furano and Biei
2D1N Tour

Model Schedule

Day1 to Furano

8:00 Leave Sapporo

10:30 Arrive at Tomita Farm

12:30 Lunch at Farms Chiyoda

14:30 Visit Ningle Terrace, is a village in the forest.

17:00 Arrive at your hotel near Furano


Day2 to Biei

9:00 Leave Hotel to Biei

9:30 Visit some view spots in Biei

11:00 Hang out in Shikisai-no-Oka and Lunch

14:00 Blue Pond

18:00 Arrive at Sapporo


Just Taxi

Charter Taxi + English driver
$ 1,150~ *On Mar, Apr, May, Nov
  • $ 1,320 on Jun, Aug, Sep
  • $ 1,450 on Jul, Oct, Dec, Jan, Feb

With a Guide

Charter Taxi + English Guide
$ 1,450~ *On Mar, Apr, May, Nov
  • $ 1,610 on Jun, Aug, Sep
  • $ 1,740 on Jul, Oct, Dec, Jan, Feb


・Charter Taxi Cost
・Driver and Guide's lunch (JP¥1,000 per day)
・Driver and Guide's Hotel

Not Include

・Your Hotel
・Toll Road fee
・Parking fee
*Please pay these directly to your driver.

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