Charter Taxi in Hokkaido

How will you travel in Hokkaido ?

By rent a car? …dangerous.
By train?…..complicated….

Who want to travel like a VIP?
Well then, how about a charter a taxi?  
To save your time, to make your trip much easier 、comfortable and to go wherever you want to go!
Make an enquiry below.

For Easy Trip

Hokkaido is big but public transportation is very inconvenience. Many spots are not accessible without a car. We can make your trip much easier!

For Big Baggage

With charter taxi , you don’t need to walk with big baggages any more. You can also buy souvenirs as many as you want.

For Bad Weather

You don’t need to walk and change public transportations in snow and sudden rain. Charter taxi make you door-to-door-transportation!

Type of Vehicle

Janbo Higher

  •  Reclining sofa seats
  •  Max 7 people with baggages
  •  Max 12 people without baggages

Micro Bus

micro 内部
  •  Reclining seats
  •  Max 12 people with baggages
  •  Max 16 people without baggages

One-way transfer from various places price list

From New Chitose Airport to resort area

Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar (11月,12月,1月,2月,3月)

 Alphard or Janbo HigherMicro BusMedium Bus
To Niseko ¥44,000¥62,000¥81,000
To Rusutsu Resort¥37,200¥57,000¥76,000
To Tomamu Resort¥40,500¥67,000¥93,000
To Furano ¥46,000¥71,000¥101,000

From New Chitose Airport to Hot Spring area

Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar (11月,12月,1月,2月,3月)

 Alphard or Janbo HigherMicro BusMedium Bus
To Sapporo ¥30,600¥44,000¥61,000
To Otaru¥40,500¥61,000¥70,000
To Toyako Lake¥38,300¥56,000¥73,000
To Noboribetsu ¥36,100¥56,000¥67,000

From Niseko

Mar, Apr, May, Nov(3月,4月,5月,11月)

 Alphard or Janbo HigherMicro BusMedium Bus
To Otaru¥37,200¥61,000¥73,000
To Sappporo¥38,300¥64,000¥81,000
To Furano¥68,000¥93,000¥123,000
To Noboribetsu¥39,400¥58,000¥76,000

The above prices for a one-way transfer. If there is more sightseeing etc., we will calculate the fare based on the distance and the required time.   Please feel free to contact us.


・Charter Taxi Cost
・The driver

Not Include

・Toll Road fee
・Parking fee (If needed)
*Please pay directly to the driver.

Charter Taxi
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