From 13 APRIL to 31 MAY in 2023

Fishing Cruise in Otaru


Sea fishing in Otaru by Luxury Cruiser.
It’s Easy access from Sapporo, comfortable with safety cabin, sofa and table, toilet and hands washer.
Good for a beginner or family with kids.



Charter boat fee, fishing equipments, fishing bait, fishing Guide,mandatory accident insurance.

45 min from Sapporo

45 mins by taxi or JR train

Minimum 2 people

Minimum 2 people,
Maximum 6 people.

4h 10m

First we take you to the “Window Rock”. Then you can enjoy sea fishing.

Runs Every Day

Available on every day.Please feel free to contact with us.


With Pro Guide

Even if you are a biginner, you don’t need to worry that. Pro-Guide  prepares everything. You don’t like to touch a fish and baits? We can do it for you!!

Comfortable Cruiser

Cruiser is with a cabin, bathroom, wash basin.
If you feel cold or big wind, you can rest inside the cabin. It is better for child and ladies.

Fresh to Eat in Sapporo Nijo Market seafood restaurant

You can have fish meal that you catched in a Sapporo Nijo Market seafood restaurant. The chef would be cook for you .It will be the great experience for you.

This is an optional in extra charge JP¥3,850.

Price / Details

 Please contact with us with following [Inquire Form] or e-mail.

Meeting Location

We are waiting  at [Tsusen Parking Lot]  along the Otaru North Canal Promenade.   (Japenese : ㈱ツウセン 駐車場)
Address :  Ironai 3choume2-1, Otaru, Hokkaido

There are 2 choices to get there.


JP¥ 12,000

JP¥12,000 for one way by a Taxi.
Expensive but most easy way.
If you need a taxi, please tell us when you apply for cruise.


JP¥ 640

JP¥640 for one way by JR Train
From Sapporo Sta. to Otaru Chikuko Sta(小樽築港駅).
And 15 min by walk to “Otaru Marina”.


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